Why shop local? And how can you support small businesses?

There's a growing conversation about shopping local and supporting independent businesses, but what are the reasons behind this?

Small and medium sized businesses account for 99% of the businesses population in the UK according to the Federation of Small Business

Why shop local?

  • In most cases, the products have been carefully selected and sourced by an individual owner, or by a small number of people so you know you are getting great quality products
  • Often products will have a story behind them that you can feel good in investing in
  • You can ask for personal advice on products and services that you might not get from larger chains
  • Customers can request new products or changes directly to the small business owner who can easily implement those changes
  • Shopping & engaging with local businesses creates a stronger sense of community, helping people to feel more connected particularly in big cities where loneliness can be prevalent
  • When you buy from a small business, you are helping an actual person (or small group of people) make a livelihood from something they are passionate about
  • In most cases, to have left the security of career you'll find that small business owners are very passionate about what they do!
  • Small businesses are a big contributor to creating jobs for all manner of different skill sets. Small and medium businesses account for three fifths of the employment in the UK according to the FSB
  • There are many larger brands that through their product ingredients or logistics, are contributing towards the climate crisis. Additionally many disregard worker conditions and general welfare of those involved in the supply chain

How can you best support independent businesses?

  • Choose to spend your money in places that you feel align to your ethics
  • When you have a choice where to purchase a product or service from, try to select the small independent option as much as possible
  • Tell your friends! Word of mouth is the most invaluable marketing
  • Leave a great Google review engagement with Google reviews helps the businesses page rank higher on search results. You can leave a review for Re:Store here.
  • If you have a complaint, email or contact the small business directly. Don't leave a negative Google review unless you genuinely think others need to know. It really hurts small businesses when you leave negative public reviews. You'll find more often than not, if you contact the business directly they will be more than happy to help resolve your complaint for you
  • Engage with small businesses on social media
  • If you or your company is in a position to support independent businesses financially, contributing to Crowdfunding or investing in other ways where possible

We love supporting other local businesses, and we appreciate all the support we've had so far!

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