Projects We Care About

  1. Wilder Blean

Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust have partnered up to introduce 4 European bison to West Blean and Thornden Woods. The bison are ‘ecosystem engineers’, and can restore the natural biodiversity of a landscape, providing a sustainable solution to woodland management.

The presence of bison, alongside Exmoor ponies and Iron-Age pigs, will transform the woods into a lush, thriving, biodiverse environment once more, allowing humans to step back from hands-on management.


  1. The Ionian

The Ionian Farm Shop and Kitchen is a family run business built by my dear friend Elena and her wonderful family and friends. They started by selling pizzas from a truck and now are a thriving business off the A38 in the Cotswolds. They grow their own vegetables, raise their own animals and employ local people to ensure an authentic farm-to-fork experience. Support them by popping in if you’re ever in the South West for some delicious Greek & Italian food made with British produce!


  1. Ocean Cleanup

This international ocean cleanup project is working to tackle the 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our seas. Focusing on the 5 main ocean garbage patches but also sending out cleanup operations to estuaries, canals and coastlines, this project is the largest scale marine cleanup mission happening right now. They are a non-profit foundation doing some of the best work to tackle the man-made plastic crisis faced by the planets ecosystems.  


  1. Ryad Alsous

I heard about Dr Ryad Alsous from my friend Emily, who is currently making a film about Alsous’ work running the Buzz project- a dual purpose project helping refugees and securing the future of British Black Bees. Having fled war-torn Syria in 2013, Alsous has witnessed firsthand what war does to communities and ecosystems. Through his project he hopes to help make refugees feel welcome in a foreign land and reignite the connection between people and nature.


  1. Trees For Life

Trees For Life are working to restore the unique outstanding nature of the Scottish Highlands Caledonian forest. Since 1993 they have been working towards restoring the natural ecosystem that once thrived in the Highlands and have so far enabled the return of red squirrels and beavers to the area. With the help of volunteers and a dedicated team they are storing carbon, preventing flooding and erosion, and rewinding the effects of climate change on the Scottish Highlands.


  1. Wildfarmed

Andy Cato and his team are uniting farmers, bakers and restaurants to encourage regenerative farming of wheat crops that prioritise soil health, don’t use pesticides and ensure fair pay for farmers. The U.K has lost 50% of its biodiversity since pre-industrialisation and is in the bottom 10% for biodiversity levels worldwide. These farming methods are essential for restoring the land to what it was and what it should be, and ensures delicious tasting crops!

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