Plastic Free July

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an initiative to get people to 'choose to refuse' single use plastics for the month of July. Plastic Free July isn't just a trend or a hashtag, it's a registered charity organisation that has been set up to globally support people to become part of the solution to the plastic problem.

You can pledge to take the challenge on the official website, and there are lots of resources and tips to help you along the way.

Why do we need it?

The plastics crisis was hitting a crisis point a few years back, and whilst some strides have been made in the right direction, due to covid the single-use plastic consumption has creeped back up. We've unfortunately moved away from reusables and back to a throw away culture, despite being fully aware of the havoc that plastics cause in our oceans and generally in our environment. Even if plastic is seemingly recyclable, the UK only recycles around 3% of what goes in to the recycling process, most is dumped on other countries in landfill or is incinerated. 

What does a month of plastic free July look like?

You'll need to get your self prepared and make sure you have your reusables with you if you're out and about. There are cafes that are accepting your reusable cups now, so do seek them out. If you're buying lunch out make sure the packaging is plastic-free, or bring something from home.

If you are able to make it to a refill or zero waste shop, then brilliant! You'll be able to refill your own containers or use paper bags and stock up on what you need. If you aren't local to us, you can find your nearest zero waste shop here.

You can get double points for shopping local at a bakery or green grocer, where most products are unpackaged or packed in paper!

Ordering some food in? Send a message or give them a quick call ahead of time to ask what the packaging is like. We've called an Indian takeaway in the past and asked for just the tin & cardboard options and they were very happy to do that. Or even better, if you live in their catchment Dabba Drop are a delicious (and plant based!) Indian takeaway that's delivered to you in reusable metal tiffin boxes that you return on your next delivery!

How can Re:Store help?

As well as having an ever growing range of refill and plastic-free products, we're also here to help with advice and any questions you might have! Come by our Hackney Downs Studios shop for a chat! 

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