Can you save money and shop Zero Waste?

Trying to save money? On a budget? Doubting that money-saving and planet-saving go hand in hand? Read on!

What is Zero Waste Shopping?

A fast growing concept, Zero Waste shopping involves the retailer offering items 'loose' or 'bulk' i.e. without packaging and the customer brings their own containers to refill. It cuts out the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging, and allows customers to buy what they need. 

Isn't it more expensive than supermarkets?

This is a common perception, and the answer is yes and no! For some products, small independents just cannot compete on price with the large supermarkets, but in other cases the prices are the same if not cheaper than supermarkets (particularly herbs & spices!).

Check out some recent (19/01/21) price comparisons:⠀
Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid = £6/Litre from Sainsbury's vs. ⠀
Fill Co Non Bio Laundry Liquid = £5.50/Litre from Re:Store⠀

Fairy Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid = £3.92/Litre from Sainsbury's vs.⠀
Fill Co Washing Up Liquid = £3.30/Litre from Re:Store⠀

Quaker Porridge Oats = £1.80/Kilo from Sainsbury's vs.⠀
Porridge Oats = £1.50/Kilo from Re:Store⠀

Smoked Paprika = 20p/10g from Sainsbury's vs.⠀
Smoked Paprika = 15p/10g from Re:Store⠀

Oregano = 75p/10g from Sainsbury's vs.⠀
Oregano = 49p/10g from Re:Store⠀

How can I save money and shop zero waste?

You can see from the price comparisons that for lots of popular products it is no more expensive than shopping in supermarkets, however there are additional considerations than simple price comparison.

Thinking about the lifetime of a product is important, buying good quality long-lasting products will save you money over time. for example a menstrual cup such as Mooncup is £20 and will last you 10 years, compared with 10 years of buying around £2 worth of tampons per month is £240.

Similarly a stainless steel metal safety razor is £17.59 and should last a lifetime, with replacement blades at £1.50 for 5 which only need changing every few months, compared with spending £7-10 every couple of months replacing plastic razors and razor blades.

Another consideration is that wasted food = wasted money, and by shopping zero waste you can buy the exact quantity you need without being restricted by prescribed packaged amounts and therefore waste less and save money!

How can I cook tasty food, low cost?

Buying inexpensive pulses or lentils such as red split lentils give you the base of so many dishes - you can make dhals, stews and soups with few ingredients and just buy a couple of teaspoons of bouillon stock powder and the spices you need to make them taste amazing!

Check out our full range of products to get started on your Zero Waste Money Saving mission!

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  • Fantastic article that really sheds some important light on how shopping zero waste can actually SAVE YOU MONEY! Keep the education coming RestoreRefill!

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