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Going plastic free can be hard, so we're making it easier

A Physical & Digital Store

About Us

The Unwrpd x Re:Store online shop offers you the very best in zero waste, plastic-free alternatives to everyday products that are currently available to buy either on the Unwrpd website or in store at Re:Store.

The founders Daniel (Unwrpd) & Megan (Re:Store) first met 6 years ago when they joined the same graduate scheme at a consultancy only to independently fall for the zero waste lifestyle abandoning their corporate careers on a mission to help and encourage people to send less waste to landfill through zero waste, package free products.

They reconnected by chance at a sustainability event, Daniel had recently launched Unwrpd, a zero waste subscription service and the planning for the Re:Store opening was well underway. After staying in touch over the following months it became clear that Unwrpd and Re:Store share the same mission and an opportunity to work together presented itself.

We stock a range of tried and tested products, that have already won over customers online and in store, such as bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner bars, deodorant, soaps, razors and more!